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    Pure Water Window Cleaning

    What is pure water?

    • Pure water is normal tap water which is converted using a reverse osmoses system.
    • The water goes through the reverse osmoses system, which includes hydrogen, pre, de-ioniser filters.
    • Then goes through a resin filter which polishes the water and finally goes through a water softener to bring the water to 0 parts per million.
    • This enables the water to cut through dirt, grime, grease and moss.

    pure water

    How it works? We brush & scrub pure water onto the frames, window & cills removing any dirt then rinse the window leaving pure water on the windows that dries naturally spot free.

    From previous experience the first time your windows are cleaned with pure water you may find the odd drip or spot where it hasn’t dried properly, this will only be on the first clean as your windows may not of adapted to the system yet.

    Reliable Window Cleaning Company

    We have worked very hard to build a reputation for being a reliable window cleaning company, therefore we strive to make sure we keep our appointments and do the best job possible

    pure water window cleaning

    What Is Pure Water

    Pure Water, is water which has been treated to remove any dissolved solids particles from the water. Tap water is full of these contaminates, which stop you being able to wash with water alone without leaving, marks, spots and smears etc.

    Believe it or not, but water from the tap these days in not “Pure Water”, but is full of impurities.

    The level of these impurities vary from region to region, and here in  In fact, bottled drinking water often has even more “Total dissolved Solids” than tap water in commonly found I process tap water, causing a de-ionisation process, which removes the dissolved solids. The resulting purified water give us 2 important benefits, with regard to cleaning windows:

    • The water is now much better at removing dirt from your windows
    • The water has no contaminates to leave any residue on your windows afterwards.


    Water Fed Pole / Pure Water Window Cleaning

    When cleaning your windows, I use a specially designed ‘brush head’. This is no normal brush head, but has been specifically designed and made for the purpose of cleaning glass with pure water. This brush head goes on the end of a long pole. I then pump up pure water to the brush head, and through jets in the brush. Using this pure water and this special brush head, I can remove the dirt from your windows, frames and sills. The fibres in these brushes have a number of qualities, but those most important to you are:

    • They do not hold dirt in the brush fibres themselves, which aid the window cleaning process.
    • The brush fibres are kind to glass, and don’t mark your windows.

    After the dirt has been removed, I rinse off the windows with more of this treated water. This leaves them very clean, and since the is no residue from detergent, cleaning product, contaminates in the water or anything else, your windows actually stay cleaner for longer! They stay cleaner, because there is nothing for the dirt to stick to – no residues, not even a micro fine layer since everything has been cleaned off using pure water and rinsed again just to make sure it’s clean, with pure de-ionised water.

    There are some new, inovative products avaiable on the market for window cleaners that do not actually use brushes, but still clean with purified water. I have been experimenting with some of these as I like to keep up to date with the latest skills and equipment to offer my customers the best possible service. I have found that used in the right circumstances a couple of these new tools are very effective. So you may see me cleaning windows with a water fed system without the usual WFP brush attached, but some other tool.

    The Water Is Hot As Well As Purified

    Unlike the vast majority of pure water window cleaners, I use hot water. After the water has been purified, it is heated – all within my self contained window cleaning van. Hot water is not standard for window cleaners these days as moderm specialist detergents and glass cleaning products work well with cold water and hot water is harder to get all day.

    The Windows Are Still Wet

    Unlike traditional window cleaning methods, after I have finished cleaning your windows, I will leave your windows and frames wet. By leaving them to dry naturally, it stops the chances of introducing any contaminates, thus leaving them sparkling clean and they stay cleaner for longer!

    Kind To Your Garden & Paths

    All that is left after I have been cleaning your windows is pure de-ionised water. This will do no harm to your plants or your paths etc. if any water runs on to your garden.