• Communal Area Cleaning

  • Communal Cleaning

    Communal cleaning services  – housing associations

    General needs flats

    Communal cleaning  – The contract cleaning of the communal areas for General Needs Flats can be particularly demanding, due to the numbers of people, size of area and types of floors. CHS Cleaning Operatives are also equipped with, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and high reach window cleaning systems.

    Shared ownership flats

    The number of Shared ownership flats, whereby the householder is a joint owner of the property with the Housing Association, is increasing. In general terms the properties are modern and tenants have very high expectations for standards of cleaning. The communal area needs not only to match the standards of the flats but to enhance them.

    Sheltered group schemes

    The needs of Sheltered Group Schemes are very different. The communal areas, such as the lounges, are important areas for socialising, so it is very important that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained. The day time cleaners provided by CHS Clean work to a service schedule, which is managed and monitored by Area Supervisors.

    Transparent cleaning services

    In today’s world of consumer awareness, a transparent cleaning service is not a need but a necessity. In other words the tenants want to see their cleaners, they want to see a professional image and most importantly they want to see what they are getting for their money.

    • Cleaning, washing, dusting and polishing skirting boards, windows, window frames and window sills, light switches and fixtures, doors, fire extinguishers, radiators and the common area as a whole.
    • Cleaning stainless still lift doors.
    • Clean and polish any brass and chrome
    • Vacuuming
    • Mopping floors
    • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms
    • Cleaning security areas or receptions
    • Picking litter outside the building
    • Maintaining rubbish areas
    • Car park cleaning
    • If needed, bulb changing

    To find out more about our services, or if you want to schedule an appointment with the company, please call our 24h hotline, at 0800 160 1538

    Communal areas are well known to attract a wide array of nasty, potentially dangerous diseases. That is why our company takes extra precautions in insuring the health and well-being of our customers. With Complete Home Services you can be sure that not one microorganism with escape our high quality, eco-friendly; pollution-free; high-powered cleaning detergents.

    Communal cleaning services

    The service

    1. Health & Safety – It is part of the Communal Cleaning System that every possible effort be taken to ensure the Health and Safety of all employees and customers so far as is reasonably practical.
    2. Site Surveys – The Survey takes into account the area, type of material to be cleaned, the utilities on site and Risk Assessment.
    3. Cleaning Specification – Once the building has been surveyed, a service specification is produced for the cleaning and scheduling of works.
    4. Building Report -The building report takes in the Site Survey information, Cleaning Specification and produces the estimated cleaning costs for the communal cleaning.
    5. Computerised Scheduling – All scheduling is produced by a operations manager using a computer programme to ensure work is carried out on the correct dates.
    6. Operations – Having scheduled the work the operations team produce work sheets and plan the service personnel to carry out the work. The service personnel report all issues relating to the sites being cleaned e.g. bed mattresses on landings. If instructed, photographs can be taken and sent through by email to our customers.
    7. Customer Service – A Customer Service Help Line handles all service related calls. In order to ensure the tenants of the buildings feel they are receiving a quality cleaning service, a Service-Care Questionnaire is left with one of the tenants of the building. We actively seek customer feedback.
    8. Supervision – Cleaning programs are followed up with a Supervisory Clean Check Report.
    9. Monitoring – Through the use of tracking systems, all contract cleaning work for both General Needs and Shared Ownership Flats are monitored.
    10. Reporting – Monthly and Bi-Monthly Progress Meeting.
    11. Comparative Building Reports – With cleaning costs becoming a major issue in particular with Local Housing Authorities and Housing Associations, a comparative building report is produced in order to manage the cleaning budget