• After Party/Event Cleaning

  • After Party Cleaning

    Why After party cleaning? Parties always come with a baggage. With the fun, excitement and laughter of the happy moments with your loved ones, it brings the stress, the fatigue and the dullness of the after party cleaning.

    While looking forward to the amazing get together that you have been waiting for so long, the amount of pre party and post party preparation takes a toll on you, both mentally and physically. You must have noticed the host of the party already looking worn out even when the party has just started.

    Pre Party/Event Cleaning

    Not just after the party/event but why not reduce the worry and make sure of a clean just before it starts?

    After Party/Event Cleaners

    This happens because of the never ending food preparations, rounds of cleaning, dusting, arranging and what not! But fret not; with our after party, and also pre party cleaning services, one can best enjoy the party, without any stress!

    At the cost of sounding vain, we can assure you that ours is the best after party cleaning service! With a very professional approach, our cleaning team systematically takes up the each area of the house, leaving each of it better than it ever was before! A specialized team is always on its toes to help you party harder! Our services can be arranged at any time and day that is suitable to you. With both pre party and post party cleaning arrangements, you can feel free as a bird while enjoying your own party! And you can stay in bed and relax the next morning!

    After Party/Event Cleaning

    Our entire range of cleaning services includes the following:

    Toilet and washrooms

    Deep cleaning of bathroom and toilet facilities

    Disinfecting of bathroom and toilet floors

    Maintaining the ‘spic and span’ of the toilets and the washrooms

    Kitchen area

    Cleaning of all the kitchen surfaces

    Cleaning of kitchen cupboards and floors

    Cleaning the fridge, microwave, oven and other appliances (both inside as well as outside)


    Emptying of all the bins

    Hoovering the floors, and washing them if necessary

    Picking up rubbish from the entire property

    Cleaning mirrors, pictures and the furniture (upholstery, carpet etc.)

    General overall cleaning of the house

    With the dedication towards the best of services, we work towards making your party a time when even you as a host can enjoy without any worries about the house. Each of our after party cleaning session takes nearly 4 hours of dedicated service.

    Our prices:

    We have designed our costing in a way that does not burn a hole in the pocket while ensuring that you get an amazing service at the best rates.

    We charge just £25 per hour per cleaner,